"Menendez & Associates Real Estate Group helped us find the right home, no doubt, but also helped us finding a better school district and the deal that made sense financially. I am back to school and will be renting this home for income,and buy another one through them."


"Menendez & Associates Real Estate Group take the time and have what it takes to get us the best deal possible."

With over 30 years experience in successfully selling Real Estate, our global network provides unrivaled access to properties for sale or rent worldwide. Immerse yourself in an unprecedented catalog of residential, commercial, investment, and industrial real estate listings in some of the most sought after places in the world.  

Menendez & Associates Real Estate Group allows you to be in control of your real estate transaction, offering you the most qualified help when you need it. Our home search offers access to detailed property information, including photos, videos, description, amenities and maps. Whether you imagine yourself relocating, investing, or just finding a new place to call home, Menendez & Associates Real Estate Group is designed to help you every step of the way.

Discover a new way to invest in your future. Refine your search with hand-selected property feature filters and connect with  real estate professionals from our network who can answer any additional questions and lead you on a journey to discover your next dream property.

"They got us our life back: debt forgiveness for our loan and a shorter credit score recuperation, so we can buy again very soon."

About Us

"Menendez & Associates Real Estate Group are never afraid to go deeper in any negotiation when representing a client.

They were tough and disciplined through the negotiation process, but incredibly kind and patient with the kids and my in laws."